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April 19, 2017

Library Budget Vote Small One-on-One Meetings April 22 and April 25


About 45 people attended a public meeting to learn about the proposed library budget vote at the Pembroke Community Center, 116 E. Main St. in Corfu on Tuesday, April 18 at 7 PM. In addition to this presentation by Board President Kristie Miller, there will be small one-on-one meetings for district residents at the library, 7 Maple Ave in Corfu on Saturday, April 22 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., and on Tuesday, April 25 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Anyone can come to ask questions of the Board members about the budget vote at these informal meetings. Additional details about the meeting can be viewed on the slides used during the presentation by clicking HERE.


April 3, 2017

Public Meeting to Provide Details About May Library Budget Vote


Public Meeting to Provide Details about Corfu Free Library Vote Residents of the Pembroke Central School District are invited to attend a public meeting at the Pembroke Community Center, 116 E. Main Street in Corfu, on Tuesday, April 18 at 7 p.m. to hear a presentation about the upcoming library vote that will be held in May, as part of the Pembroke CSD school budget vote and election. A meeting notice from Kristie Miller, President of the Board of Trustees of the Corfu Free Library, was mailed to all district residents in late March.


At the April 18 meeting, Miller will provide details about the vote that proposes to transition the Corfu Free Library to a public school district library. Currently, the Towns of Pembroke and Darien, the Pembroke School District, the Village of Corfu and Genesee County have supported the library through taxes paid along with donations and fundraising efforts of various community groups and events. As a school district public library, the library would have a service area that corresponds with the boundaries of the Pembroke Central School District.


The library’s budget and the board of trustees would be determined by a public vote. The library itself would remain housed in the same building, and be staffed by the same professionals. The school district would collect tax money for the library and turn the funds over to the Library Board. The school district would have no direct control over the operations of the library. “This type of community-based funding is the only way to provide a reliable source of operating income for the library,” says Miller.


The change to become a school district public library is being considered in order to provide enhanced library services to all residents of the area, to comply with the New York State Board of Regents policy, and to provide a secure and sustainable source of operating income for the library. If approved by the voters, the new Library will be governed by an elected, seven-member board of trustees. The initial seven trustees will also be elected at the May vote, and persons interested in running can obtain a petition at the Corfu Free Library or on the library’s website. Completed Trustee Petitions are due back to the District Clerk at the Pembroke CSD by 5 p.m. on April 17.


“The Corfu Free Library has had significant increases in patron visits and circulation of materials while receiving flat funding over the past several years,” says Miller. “The new New York State minimum wage laws that went into effect this year with increases annually until 2021 pose a significant challenge for us.”


“Our Board recognizes that libraries, like school systems and hospitals, are essential community resources. Businesses and homeowners look closely at these resources when they make decisions about where to locate. A good library attracts people to our community and enhances our quality of life. With community-based funding, our library will be able to continue to provide everyone the opportunity for life-long learning and public access to the latest technologies for years to come.”


The Board of Trustees also plans to hold small one-on-one meetings for district residents at the library, 7 Maple Ave in Corfu on Saturday, April 22 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., and on Tuesday, April 25 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Anyone can come to ask questions of the Board members at these informal meetings. In addition, there will be newspaper articles and legal notices about the vote that will take place at the same time and place as the Pembroke Central School District’s budget vote on May 16, 2017. 


“We encourage residents to attend our April 18 meeting to get the facts and to ask questions. We want to make sure that everyone in the school district is well informed,” says Board President Kristie Miller. Residents with questions prior to the public meeting can contact Miller at 585-599-4266. The meeting flyer can be downloaded HERE.


March 11, 2016


New Logo Unveiled at the Library


About 20 people atttended the unveiling of the Corfu Free Library's logo at the Friday, March 11 ceremony at 7 PM. The winner received 169 votes from over 400 votes cast at the library and online. The artist was Edison Chittenden, a 15-year-old who likes art and has been a visitor to the library for many years.


Board President Kristie Miller spoke at the event and thanked all who participated. Library Director Diana Reding mentioned that this would help the library to show off its slogan, "Rooted in our Past, Growing our Future".


The slogan for the Corfu Free Library is featured going around the new logo which shows the inconic gas lamp that is in front of the library. She mentioned that this gas lamp or light was the last remaining gas lamp in the Village of Corfu. The light in the lamp is in the shape of a maple leaf, making the Maple Ave. address a prominent part of the logo.


A special cake was made featuring the new logo, which can be seen on the left of the photo.


We thank Edison and all those who participated in the logo contest. It was a great community effort!


January 22, 2016


Board Game Night at Corfu Free Library 


Great fun with some new and some old board games at our Board Game Night. Folks got to play "Settlers of Catan" and "Ticket to Ride" which are two popular new board games. There were also a number of older and well-known games played. Snacks were also part of the evening.


Many thanks to the folks who joined us January 22 from 6:30 to 8 PM. The evening was set up to include games that could be played by ages 4 and up so that everyone could have a great time and learn more about these games!


Board Game Night was free of charge and we look forward to hosting another event like this. Watch for more news and an announcement on our homepage for the next Board Game Night. 



September 13, 2015


Used Book Sale at Brickhouse Corners Fair


We had so many books for sale at great prices. The Used Book Sale at the Fair is sponsored by the Friends of the Library and is held annually and is a great opportunity for readers to get some popular titles and authors at discounted prices.


While residents were there at the Brickhouse Corners Fair, they could also pick up a copy of the Library Survey so that they can share the types of library services they use and rate the library on a variety of items. There were also other displays, food, activities and more!


Some avid readers had the change to really stock up for this winter with some popular titles and some classics titles too. We even had some books and materials for the kids! If you didn't make the Used Book Sale this year, be sure to visit us again next year.



August 26, 2015

Great Literacy Website for Parents with Young Children - is a fun website designed to reach families with young children throughout New York State, giving them something they can do together to foster skills, especially kindergarten readiness skills.

The activities remind families of the importance of reading and developing pre-reading skills in the youngest family members. Every day there are activities, videos to watch, a song and an audio book that you simply click on to read! 


Friday, August 8, 2015

Family Movie Night at Corfu Library - We have the popcorn!



It was time for a fun family night on Friday, August 7 at 6 p.m. at the Corfu Free Library, 7 Maple Avenue in Corfu.


The recently released and very popular animated family flick "Home" was shown in the Children’s Room and free popcorn was be served.


Parents and chidlren loved the rated PG movie that featured a lovable misfit from another planet who kept everyone laughing. The movie proves once again that there is no place like home.


For the next Family Movie Night date and time, you can call the library at 585-599-3321 for more information.